Dream meaning of Ear

Q: Dreaming of ear being cut.
A: Sign that they will have success in many aspect in life.

Q: Dreaming of ear is twisted.
A: Sign of being involved in legal or criminal related matters.

Q: Dreaming of hair growing within the ear.
A: Sign that they will become wealthy, and longevity.

Q: Dreaming of ear being cut and was taken away.
A: Bad omen. If the dreamer is under any punishment, it is also a sign of bad things to come.



Q: Dreaming of their ear next to two piles of earth.
A: Sign of disaster and misfortune.

Q: Dreaming under the torments of getting ear cut.
A: Sign of incoming peace.

Q: Dreaming of being deaf.
A: Bad omen, and if someone who is sick dreams of this, it is a sign of weak lungs.

Q: Dreaming of flesh growing inside their ear.
A: Bad omen, sign that their family will be humiliated.



Q: Dreaming of having a tongue growing inside their ear.
A: Great omen, sign of being favored by friends.

Q: Dreaming of dragon horns growing at the tip of the ears.
A: Ominous sign. As dragons don’t have ears to hear with horns, the dragon(龙) on the ear(耳) represents deafness(聋). Dreaming of this is a bad omen, and if someone else’s ear grows horns, they may have ulterior motives.

Q: Dreaming of bones growing on the ears with hair behind the ears.
A: Good omen. Dreaming of this indicates that good news and, distant messages will arrive soon.

Q: Dreaming of ears without holes.
A: Bad omen. This represents a year of drought for farmers, no correspondence for travelers, difficulties in learning for children, and marriage problems, stagnant on health improvement for the sick, worries in a troublesome era.



Q: Dreaming of ears in the mouth and moves their hand from the mouth to the ear is the Chinese gesture “yī” (揖).
A: This is a good omen indicating that a guest will come to visit.

Q: Dreaming of bleeding from the ears and dirtying the shoulders.
A: Very bad omen. If dreamer as a son dreams of this, it suggests that something bad changes will happen in the family. If dreamer as a father dreams of this, it indicates personal danger.

Q: Dreaming of a snake in the ear.
A: Good omen. If you have a dubious person in your mind, he is more of a help than harm. If a snake comes out of both ears it suggest improvement on listening. Long snakes is a symbol of longevity. However, it’s not a good sign for the sick.

Q: Dreaming of having heavy earlobes on both ear.
A: Very auspicious. Advise, opinion and discussion will be taken as a friend, or as an official. Good practice of meditation and Buddhism will bring freedom and peace, and is a symbol of having children of both genders.



Q: Dreaming of having three or four ears.
A: Auspicious, indicating the sign of capturing opportunities.

Q: Dreaming of digging out cinnabar(red stone/powder) from the ears.
A: Very auspicious, this dream indicates that one’s body and family will be prosperous, lifespan will be extended, and descendants will prosper without worries of disasters or illnesses. In general, dreaming of digging out things from the ears, with an exception of pain, mud, or blood, is a good omen.

Q: Dreaming of digging ears.
A: Auspicious. This dream indicates that one’s spirit is strong, and there is no harm to the body. Business will thrive, family will prosper, and grandchildren will be talented. If there is a lawsuit, it will be settled happily, and it is a sign of great success.

Q: Dreaming of washing ears.
A: Very auspicious. By washing the ears, one can hear beautiful sounds and receive good news, indicating clarity in all matters. One’s achievements will be recognized, merchants will receive letters from home, and all worries and doubts will be washed away, bringing justice to unjustly treated situations.



Q: Dreaming of fixing(beautify) the ears.
A: Represents getting rid of impurities and gaining wisdom. If you dream of someone else “fixing” your ears or doing it with someone else, it suggests that you will meet like-minded people and have good communication with them.

Q: Dreaming of holding large ears.
A: It is a good sign. As a dreamers who had this dream, it guarantee a resolving on disputes for others when asked or requested, otherwise it signifies communication on improvement financial related matters.

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