Dream meaning of Elephant

Q: Dreaming of an elephant.
A: Success in career and reputation, but will not end well.

Q: Dreaming of white elephant.
A: Sign of great auspiciousness.

Q: Dreaming of riding an elephant.
A: Growth of reputation and fortune.

Q: Dreaming of walking an elephant through a street.
A: Sign of great fortune, and the dreamer will achieve great success in career and be healthy. If a sick person has this dream, it is a sign that they will survive a major difficulty.



Q: Dreaming of an elephant entering one’s house.
A: Sign of great fortune, and it indicates good luck in official matters. If a pregnant woman has this dream, she will give birth to a wise son. If a sick person has this dream, their mind and body will recover and their illness will go away.

Q: Dreaming of elephants in one’s house. For a man, it
A: For man who dreams of this, it indicates officialdom and high status; for a woman, it suggests giving birth to a virtuous son; for a patient, it signifies the ability to eradicate the root of the disease and regain mental clarity.

Q: Dreaming of bathing an elephant.
A: Sign of good luck and prosperity. If a scholar dreams of this, it suggests that they will be selected to go to the capital to take the imperial examination. If someone who desires a life of ease dreams of this, it is a sign of impending misfortune.



Q: Dreaming of an elephant crossing over a castle.
A: Bad omen indicating the collapse of the country; impending major defeat for the dreamer.

Q: Dreaming of seeing a young elephant playing.
A: Suggests that the dreamer will have a noble child.

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