Dream meaning of Forest

Q: Dreaming of tree grows in the forest.
A: Indicate birth of a son

Q: Dreaming of sitting or lying down in a forest.
A: Indicates that you may be prone to illness and epidemics, recovery will be slow.

Q: Dreaming of being in a forest.
A: It is considered a good omen.

Q: Dreaming of approaching to a forest.
A: Sign of prosperity and growth, especially if you are able to cultivate good deeds. For scholars, it indicates academic achievement and recognition, while for common people it signifies success and prosperity.



Q: Dreaming of a green forest.
A: Indicates prosperity and good luck.

Q: Dreaming of entering a deep forest.
A: A sign that you will receive wealth and riches.

Q: Dreaming of trees growing quick, in a big volume like a forest.
A: Symbol of progress and growth. If you continue to cultivate and nurture this growth, it will bring prosperity and success to your home and bring honor to your name.

Q: Dreaming of abundant growth of plants and trees.
A: Signifies a flourishing household.


Q: Dreaming of plants and trees growing at the door.
A: Signifies good fortune.

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