God / Goddess

Dream meaning of God / Goddess

Q: Dreaming of praying to the gods alone.
A: Least support received.

Q: Dreaming of worshiping the gods.
A: May gaining wealth and prosperity, a good omen.

Q: Dreaming of the City God (a Chinese deity / 隍神).
A: May indicate favorable responses for virtuous people who dreams it, but a warning of potential punishment if ordinary people dreams. It is important to sincerely worship, pray, and repent to avoid disasters.

Q: Dreaming of the Thunder Goddess.
A: May indicate receiving assistance from a wise helper.



Q: Dreaming of the Wind God.
A: May indicate potential risks during a boat journey, caution is needed in all matters. For scholars, it may be a good omen.

Q: Dreaming of the Wind Goddess(a Chinese deity).
A: May indicate strong winds coming in the following days, but it may also indicate hidden losses caused by malicious people or potential unfounded legal disputes, caution is advised.

Q: Dreaming of the God of Wealth.
A: May indicate prosperous business dealings.

Q: Dreaming of the God of Fortune.
A: May indicate an extension of one’s lifespan.



Q: Dreaming of auspicious gods.
A: May bring blessings.

Q: Dreaming of inauspicious gods.
A: Suggest misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of gods associated with righteousness.
A: May bring benefits to all people.

Q: Dreaming of gods associated with bravery.
A: May bring strength to warriors.



Q: Dreaming of gods associated with literature.
A: May bring wisdom to scholars

Q: Dreaming of gods associated with the underworld.
A: Indicate inauspiciousness, the specific interpretation depends on the type of god and its form in the dream.

Q: Dreaming of a medium / communicator of goddess.
A: May not lead to successful outcomes.

Q: Dreaming of righteous gods.
A: Indicate auspiciousness in all matters.



Q: Dream of the Water God of the River.
A: If one dreams of this while traveling or being a merchant, be cautious of potential dangers during boat travel. Pray and perform rituals for protection, then it will be auspicious. For others who dream of this, it may indicate the possibility of water disasters or heavy rainfall from the heavens.

Q: Dream of a Gold-Armored God carrying you to the heavens.
A: Indicating great auspiciousness.

Q: Dream of the Four Great Lords of the golden dragons.
A: For scholars who dream of this, it signifies the possibility of success and advancement; For travelers who dream of this, beware of potential dangers and risks.

Q: Dream of the God of Thunder.
A: Those who dream of this should promptly reflect on their actions, avoid heavenly punishment, and pay extra attention if they are in official or governmental positions.



Q: Dream of the God riding a horse with people around.
A: Signifies finding peace of mind during times of danger and difficulty.

Q: Dream of the God riding a horse ascending to the heavens and then fell down.
A: This is a symbol of taking action in the face of danger and avoiding great risks.

Q: Dream of the God riding a horse straight up to the sky.
A: Indicating a sign of great nobility and prosperity.

Q: Dream of the god bestowing garments, silk, and other valuable items.
A: Auspiciousness in all matters.



Q: Dream of the god teaching the way of nurturing health.
A: Devastating health issue will slowly be faded away.

Q: Dream of the god summoning and/or sending a prayer.
A: Good fortune, wealth, longevity, and happiness.

Q: Dream of the god calling and a conversation is engaged about auspicious and inauspicious matters.
A: Indicating good fortune, wealth, and joy.

Q: Dream of worshipping all gods.
A: Profitable business transactions.



Q: Dream of the mountain, forest goddess.
A: If an ordinary person dreams of it, they must beware of arrogant actions, excessive ambitions, and unrealistic plans, otherwise the god may punish them.

Q: Dreaming of the gods of wealth from the five paths (五路财神), these gods are in charge of wealth and prosperity.
A: Dreaming of them indicates smooth and unhindered financial fortunes, transforming difficulties into successes, and is considered an auspicious omen. Devoutly worshipping these gods is believed to bring about desired outcomes in all endeavors.

Q: Dreaming of participating the welcome of gods events in religious ceremonies.
A: Potential gains in wealth from external sources.

Q: Dreaming of rain summoned by goddess.
A: Indicates auspicious signs of growth and nourishment, and is considered a good omen.




Q: Dreaming of meeting a god and received guidance.
A: If a poor person has this dream, it suggests they will gain wealth and status.

Q: Dreaming of the Kitchen God.
A: If you dream of the Kitchen God, it may indicate that the dreamer’s household will encounter a fire or suffer from eye diseases. However, by offering sacrifices to the Kitchen God, these harms can be avoided.

Q: Dreaming of inviting the God of Wealth.
A: If a student dreams of the God of Wealth, it usually indicates their talent and potential; If a businessperson has this dream, it may suggest gaining wealth from afar or receiving help from capable people.

Q: Dreaming of the Goddess of Offspring.
A: Suggests that your descendants will prosper and your family will receive long-term blessings.



Q: Dreaming of entering a temple and then the appearance of the god.
A: Good luck is coming.

Q: Dreaming of welcoming gods or participating in a temple fair.
A: It suggests the dreamer may receive unexpected financial gain.

Q: If there is a god but you don’t worship it in your dream.
A: May indicate unfortunate events such as the death of a family member.

Q: Dreaming of worship a deity with a woman.
A: Loss of reputation.



Q: Dreaming of worship a deity with a man.
A: ill omen for women.

Q: To worship a deity with a crowd.
A: Indicates a rise in social status and prominence.

Q: Dreaming of hanging a statue of a fairy / goddess.
A: Good omen for pregnancy.

Q: Dreaming of a goddess / fairy in the dream.
A: Indicates extravagant spending.



Q: Dreaming of sleeping and having sex with a goddess.
A: Suggests good luck, gains and blessings in all matters, but beware of evil spirits while traveling or living in the mountains.

Q: Dreaming of goddess coming towards yo.
A: Implies a disaster is imminent.

Q: Dreaming of goddess playing music instruments.
A: Suggests marriage is in the near future.

Q: Dreaming of talking to a goddess.
A: Good fortune.

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