Dream meaning of Monk

Q: Dreaming of a monk, the monk is a male.
A: Good omen for female.

Q: Dreaming of a nun.
A: Bad omen for male, sign of disaster for parents, birth of new generation.
to the family.

Q: Dreaming of a teacher monk.
A: Indicating that the dreamer is being protected by the Buddhas.

Q: Dreaming of a seated monk.
A: Great omen of good luck.



Q: Dreaming of a monk giving the dreamer a child.
A: Sign of having a noble offspring.

Q: Dreaming of a monk bathing in water.
A: Is a good omen. It indicates that the dreamer will be able to get rid of troubles and cleanse impurities.

Q: Dreaming of arguing with a monk.
A: Indicates that the dreamer may encounter trivial matters.

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