Dream meaning of Peach

Q: Dreaming of obtaining a peach.
A: Sign of longevity.

Q: Dreaming of eating a peach.
A: Possible of a birth of a boy.

Q: Dreaming of someone took away the peach.
A: It suggests a loss.

Q: Dreaming of someone gives a peach to you.
A: It indicates a profitable journey to the west.



Q: Dreaming of a peach.
A: Sign of a scholar’s success, and it predicts the birth of a boy child for pregnant women. For older people, it suggests longevity. When traveling, one will meet important people and choose a good son-in-law. Illnesses will be easily cured, and disputes will be won. Everything will go smoothly and good luck will follow.

Q: Dreaming of picking and eating a peach from the heavens.
A: Sign of great fortune.

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