Wood / Tree

Dream meaning of Wood / Tree

Q: Dreaming of trees.
A: Indicates good luck.

Q: Dreaming of cutting tall trees.
A: Indicates that the dreamer’s father will embark on a journey to the heavens.

Q: Dreaming of a big tree suddenly breaks.
A: It is a sign of bad luck and disaster.

Q: Dreaming of carrying wood to one’s home in a dream.
A: It is a sign of good fortune and happiness.



Q: Dreaming of withered tree blossoms again.
A: It signifies the growth and prosperity of one’s offspring.

Q: Dreaming of pulling up, cutting down, pulling, or chopping trees.
A: Is a bad omen. However, if one manages to accomplish the task despite the difficulty, it is a sign that one’s illness will soon be cured. But if one is unable to complete the task, it will be a waste of effort, and all undertakings will be futile.

Q: Dreaming of chopping down a tree.
A: It indicates a loss of relatives, and difficulty in gaining profits. It is a sign of decline in one’s family’s fortunes and a decline in one’s own health.

Q: Dreaming of dragging a tree.
A: It indicates that one will need to rely on the help of others to accomplish tasks.



Q: Dreaming of cutting a tree, but the action is interrupted suddenly.
A: It indicates that one’s plans will not be successfully completed.

Q: Dreaming of riding a piece of wood to cross the water.
A: it is a good omen, indicating that one will receive the help and support of others in various aspects of life.

Q: Dreaming of countless building blocks.
A: Is a good omen. Building blocks represent creativity, but building them requires both physical and mental effort. To manage a household, one must be diligent and frugal, as failure to do so will lead to sadness and loss. Only through one’s own hard work and perseverance can they achieve their goals and succeed. If the wooden building blocks are in the room, it means that fame and fortune will be above the average person. If the dream involves a tree with a horizontal branch, it suggests that there will be unexpected financial gains.

Q: Dreaming of stepping on wood.
A: Suggests that one’s talent is superior to others.



Q: Dreaming of a tree growing in the hall.
A: Suggests that there may be risks to one’s parents.

Q: Dreaming of a tree displaying five colors.
A: Is a sign of good luck. If a literary person has this dream, it suggests that their name will be known throughout the world. If a merchant has this dream, it indicates that they will prosper and have business dealings across the four seas. If a pregnant woman has this dream, she will give birth to a boy.

Q: Dreaming of standing next to a large tree.
A: Is a good omen. If you dream of standing on top of a large tree, it suggests that you will rise to a high position, achieve great success, and possibly even reap great wealth.

Q: Dreaming of being inside a tree.
A: Is a bad omen. The tree used for making the coffin represents a person’s life, and being inside it implies being in a dangerous situation.



Q: Dreaming of carrying a large piece of wood.
A: Is a good omen. This dream suggests that you have outstanding abilities that surpass others and can achieve great success in your career.

Q: Dreaming of wind blowing trees to make the leaves fall and roots uprooted.
A: Is a bad omen. The wind shaking trees is a symbol of instability. If one has this dream, it indicates that they may encounter unforeseeable disasters, their descendants may be scattered, and it is not a sign of a small misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of trees suddenly withering and dying.
A: Indicates that the dreamer’s mother may be ill.

Q: Dreaming of trees growing.
A: Indicates good luck.



Q: Dreaming of dead trees.
A: Indicates a decline in fortune.

Q: Dreaming of being on top of a tree.
A: Is a bad omen. If one has this dream, it indicates that they may encounter obstacles in seeking fame, their home may not be peaceful, and it may be difficult to recover from illness. If one dreams of being on a tree and the tree suddenly breaks, it may indicate the possibility of accidents or injuries.

Q: Dreaming of trees growing into a forest.
A: Is a sign of good luck. This dream is a sign of great good fortune. However, if you dream of sitting or lying in the forest, it means you will get sick or have difficulty recovering from illness. If you dream of hunting in the forest, it means you will not succeed in your endeavors. Dreaming of a lush forest is also a good omen, and dreaming of a fruit orchard means you will gain wealth and treasure.

Q: Dreaming of trees withering and dying.
A: Is a sign of bad luck. This dream symbolizes decay and decline, indicating that family members may disperse, the family business may decline, the young and the old may not be at peace, one may not succeed in seeking fame and reputation, and the home environment may become desolate. If you dream of a dead tree, it means that no matter how you try to organize things at work or at home, it will be futile and useless.



Q: Dreaming of trees on fire.
A: Is a sign of great luck. This dream indicates that one can cultivate good deeds and achieve prosperity. If a scholar dreams of this, it means that their academic achievements will be recognized, and if an ordinary person dreams of this, it means that their family and wealth will prosper without a doubt.

Q: Dreaming of flourishing trees brings great fortune.
A: If one dreams of this, it signifies a prosperous family business, recognition, and the fulfillment of one’s desires. The dream indicates that the foundation is strong and there is a bright future. For scholars who dream of this, they will achieve great success in their studies and make remarkable progress. For those who dream of this in business, they will earn tenfold profits. Those who dream of this can expect their household to prosper.

Q: Dreaming of trees are withering.
A: It signifies a major misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of trees are dying.
A: It indicates an unstable home life.



Q: Dreaming of those who plant trees.
A: It is a sign of good luck and prosperity.

Q: Dreaming of planting a tree by hand.
A: Indicates that the dreamer must work hard to improve their own destiny. Although they may have inherited family property from their ancestors, they may not be able to enjoy it and must strive to change their own destiny to achieve success. Therefore, this is a dream of toiling and restlessness.

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