Dream meaning of Abdomen

Q: Dreaming of someone cutting your abdomen.
A: Is a good sign, if you meet a trusted person in your waking life, this dream is an auspicious omen indicating resolution of disputes or misunderstandings.

Q: Dreaming of cleaning your abdomen.
A: This dream suggest not to cross over states or area with water covered area, river or sea for example, and needs to be caution of fire hazards too.

Q: Dreaming of having a big and saggy belly.
A: Is a good sign, indicating a life of comfort and prosperity.

Q: Dreaming of two small lambs coming out of the openings in your belly
A: Indicates a good omen only for those who have left their secular life and devoted themselves to spiritual practice. This dream suggests that they will be respected and trusted by others. For others, this dream is not auspicious.



Q: Dreaming of hair growing on your belly.
A: Is a bad sign, indicating severe illness or even death.

Q: Dreaming of having grass on your belly.
A: Is a good sign, for scholars, this dream suggests they will become nobles. However, for merchants or those planning a long-distance travel, this dream is inauspicious.

Q: Dreaming of having astrological symbols or text on your belly.
A: Suggests a good omen of being knowledgeable and able to produce great works. This dream also suggests having a good spouse and producing talented offspring. However, if the symbols or text lack brightness, it may indicate a negative sign such as wounds or scars.

Q: Dreaming of stabbing someone’s belly with a sword.
A: Is a good omen, this dream signifies that you will be completely loyal to your plans and will act with righteousness, which will lead to good fortune.



Q: Dreaming of cutting open the belly and seeing the five internal organs clearly.
A: Is a good omen. This dream indicates that you will have good fortune.

Q: Dreaming of water entering the abdomen.
A: Is a bad omen, sign of living on isolated places like, mountain, river or sea-side, especially if you are pregnant. You should be cautious and avoid traveling near mountains, rivers, and seas.

Q: Dreaming of having tummy larger than your abdomen and waist.
A: Is a good omen, indicating that you will have many descendants and good fortune in the future.

Q: Dreaming of soaking lower abdomen in water.
A: Is a good omen. This dream signifies that you may acquire wealth or receive unexpected financial gain, or even marry into a wealthy family.



Q: Dreaming of opening a hole in the lower abdomen.
A: Is a bad omen, indicating that you may be bullied by others in the near future.

Q: Dreaming of someone holding belly and heart.
A: Is a good omen. This dream signifies that you will gain favor from your superior if you are a subject, or if you are a superior, you will find capable assistants. For a concubine, this dream suggests that she will be loved by her husband, and for a guest, they will receive help. Additionally, if you are sick, you will recover, or if you are a student, you will find a good teacher.

Q: Dreaming of a snake coiled around the shoulders and abdomen.
A: Is an auspicious sign, indicating the possibility of obtaining wealth and honor. However, if an elderly or sick person dreams of this, it is considered inauspicious.

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