About Us

The initial purpose of establishing this website was because the Han people and Chinese culture were rarely recognized by people abroad or globally. As an overseas Chinese descendant, I have been interested in metaphysics since I was young. I remember searching for dream interpretation materials when I had dreams as a child.


To my surprise, these things were incredibly accurate, and I became fascinated by them. To give an example, I once dreamt of dealing with a shop owner who sold gaming consoles. Not long after, I received a package of a Nintendo DS shell that I had bought online. The problem was that I had purchased what was advertised as an original product, but I received a counterfeit one instead. I paid the full price for a substandard product, and at that time, I was not angry but shocked. It turns out that the dream interpretation suggested that dealing with the shop owner meant being deceived. This was indeed the case, and it wasn’t the only time it was accurate.


What I’m particularly curious about is whether these dream interpretations are universal or vary by region, I am seriously curious about this.


Getting back to the main topic, the sources of this website is based on the “Zhou Gong’s Dream Interpretation,” which was later edited by Master Bai Yun . Zhou Gong, also known as the son of King Wen of Zhou, was born around 3,000 years ago. He was not only a thinker, philosopher, and mythological figure but also an outstanding politician and military strategist.


Without elaborating too much on his other accomplishments, let me share a poem with you. I think translating the poem might be quite challenging, so I will just provide a rough interpretation of its meaning.




The interpretation of the poem is,

“Numerous dreams fill the night,
the content of these dreams can often be used to predict good or bad fortune of the future.

Zhou once dreamt of becoming a butterfly and wrote “Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease”,
while Jiang Ziya was appointed prime minister because King Wen of Zhou dreamt of a flying bear.

Ding Gu dreamt that a pine tree grew from his belly, which foreshadowed his promotion to an official position 18 years later, and it indeed happened.
Jiang Yan dreamt of receiving a colorful divine brush from a deity, after which his literary talent flourished, earning him the title of “Dream Brush Blossoms” by locals.

The poem mentions two more stories: one is the life dream of the scholar Lu Sheng in the story of “Huang Liang’s Dream,” and the other is the romantic history of King Huai of Chu.
Besides these, there are countless other dreamscapes.”


The original version of the Zhou Gong’s Dream Interpretation are coded in a way like, “lands shaking signifies a change in official position, auspicious”. Which results reading difficulty for us yet no worries for you. The revised version by Bai Yun is more humane, making it easier for us the readers, to understand.


Lastly, as time progresses and civilization becomes more open, people gradually take an absolute opposing stance towards traditional culture and beliefs. I won’t say much about this, and it’s not appropriate to interfere, as everyone has their own unique thoughts and beliefs. I think it would be more decent to share a commonly used phrase by Americans, which is…

*This website is for entertaining purpose only.