Dream meaning of Ape

Q: Dreaming of monkeys and apes.
A: It indicates that you might be deceived or misled by others and plans might not be successful, and there may be unexpected or supernatural incidents.

Q: Dreaming of a white ape.
A: It suggests that you will be rewarded with a high official position.

Q: Dreaming of a monkey or ape offering you fruit.
A: It is a good omen indicating that you will have a happy and celebratory event, career advancement, and prosperity in both personal and professional life. Depending on the type of fruit the monkey offers in your dream, it may have additional meanings such as peaches representing longevity, plums representing promotion and prosperity, jujubes representing the birth of a noble child, and pinecones representing government promotion and becoming a high-ranking official.

Q: Dreaming of monkeys and apes on a cliff.
A: It suggests that you may face risks or obstacles when trying to fulfill your orders. For noble people, this dream may indicate the presence of treacherous people in their lives, while for common people, it may represent the ability to avoid evil spirits.

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