Dream meaning of Beans

Q: Dreaming of soybean sprouts have leaves.
A: It suggests that one’s offspring will face misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of frying beans.
A: Indicates that one may face attacks and criticism from others. It may also suggest making mistakes in one’s work, financial disputes, or legal disputes. However, if one is fair and kind to others, then the dreamer will have no regrets.

Q: Dreaming of planting beans.
A: Suggests that there may be mistakes or mishaps in one’s endeavors.

Q: Dreaming of golden beans.
A: Is an auspicious omen.



Q: Dreaming of eating golden soybeans.
A: Signifies great wealth and fortune.

Q: Dreaming of someone giving beans as a gift.
A: May indicate an outbreak of smallpox in children, either in great numbers or in small amounts. If the dreamer does not have young children, this dream may signify the need to guard against thieves.

Q: Dreaming of cooking beans as food.
A: Is an inauspicious omen. It suggests that the dreamer may experience hardships and setbacks, and may have trouble achieving their goals. In addition, there may be conflicts with siblings and frequent legal disputes. If there is smallpox among young children in the family, this dream may indicate misfortune.

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