Dream meaning of Bees

Q: Dreaming of surrounded by bees.
A: Sign of financial loss.

Q: Dreaming of many bees.
A: Sign of a good day.

Q: Dreaming of bees abandon their honey.
A: Sign of gaining fame.

Q: Dreaming of bees collecting nectar from flowers.
A: Sign of having a great person supporting you, who will give you impartial advice and guide you to success, suggest be be fair on dealing with situation, things will end up in a good way.



Q: Dreaming of bees crowding and the queen bee flying up to the sky.
A: Sign of having the support and loyalty of many people, and the prospect of overcoming great difficulties. It is a sign of obtaining what you want both at home and outside(处则得其徒,出则得其所), and success that comes with timing. However, beekeepers should not dream of this.

Q: Dreaming of being stung by bees.
A: Sign of danger from enemies or malicious people.

Q: Dreaming of bees coming to sting.
A: Indicates being falsely accused or harmed by malicious people, so be careful.

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