Bones Tendons

Dream meaning of Bones Tendons

Q: Dreaming of pulling out tendons without bones.
A: An ominous sign, this dream indicates that the dreamer may be exhausted, experience setbacks in wealth and lose their fortune. It is a bad omen.

Q: Dreaming of their tendons being cut.
A: An inauspicious sign indicating that the dreamer’s family may encounter a strange disaster/accident.

Q: Dreaming of their tendons rotting and decaying.
A: It is a bad omen of sickness and danger. If the dreamer’s body is in such a state, it means that their essence and blood are depleted, and their bone marrow is weakened. If other people in the dream are in this state, it indicates that their family may face some difficulties. If a dead body is seen in this state, it is a sign of an unstable home and a decline in offspring. In this case, the dreamer should rely on their own strength to help others and secure their own well-being.

Q: Dreaming of strong and tough tendons.
A: Auspicious, however, dreaming about tendons and bones is usually a bad omen for disease and illness. If a person with weak physical strength dreams of this, it indicates that they are strong on the inside but soft on the outside; if a strong person dreams of this, it suggests that they have physical strength but lack mental fortitude. For those who are poor or lowly, it is advisable to be cautious about potential conflicts, while for the wealthy and powerful, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Q: Dreaming of tendons like threads and bones like hemp.
A: Sign of semen depletion.

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