Dream meaning of Breast

Q: Dreaming of having one’s breast cut.
A: Bad omen, it implies the dreamer will experience the loss of close relatives, have difficulty getting pregnant, lose their possessions, or experience maternal misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of getting pounded on one’s breast and a producing of the sound of the golden bell.
A: Sign of great fortune, this dream is an auspicious omen, indicating that everything will go well for the dreamer.

Q: Dreaming of a dog coming for your breast’s milk.
A: If a man dreams, it indicates it’s destined to be involved in a legal dispute, but he will achieve a peaceful resolution. (author’s note, how man could dream of this?) If a woman dreams of this, it is an auspicious omen that she will give birth to a boy who will grown healthy. This dream is especially meaningful if it occurs during the hours of 3-7 pm.

Q: Dreaming of a never-ending of milk flowing out from one’s breast.
A: Suggests that the dreamer will have an abundance of resources and a long life. However, if a pregnant woman has this dream, it is an inauspicious sign.



Q: Dreaming of one’s breast making a ringing sound.
A: Auspicious, sign of giving birth to a child. However, if a sick person has this dream, they should try to suppress it.

Q: Dreaming of hair growing on one’s breast.
A: Auspicious omen. It suggests that the dreamer will have good luck and longevity, and all their needs will be met. Illnesses will disappear, and everything will go well.

Q: Dreaming of wearing emerald, jewels, jades and treasures on one’s breast.
A: Suggests that the dreamer will have a luxurious and prosperous life.

Q: Dreaming of apricot flowers growing on one’s breast.
A: Auspicious omen, suggesting that the dreamer will return to their hometown in glory.



Q: Dreaming of having four breasts.
A: Auspicious sign. For men, it indicates marrying beautiful wives and concubines, and for women, it indicates giving birth to noble and talented children and grandchildren.

Q: Dreaming of feeding on human’s breast milk.
A: Auspicious sign. It indicates an excess of vitality and blood, and a sign of prosperous relatives.

Q: Dreaming of feeding on human’s breast milk with another person.
A: Sign of honor and respect towards your elders.

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