Dream meaning of Butterflies

Q: Dreaming of butterflies dancing in the wind.
A: Bad omen, indicating of relying on others in a foreign land.

Q: Dreaming of butterflies are flying/dancing around.
A: Sign of prosperity and success.

Q: Dreaming of a butterfly’s wings are broken.
A: Bad omen.

Q: Dreaming of catching a butterfly and killed it.
A: Good omen that one may receive unexpected wealth and business prosperity. Any troubles or worries will be resolved, any problems will be overcome, and any requests will be granted.



Q: Dreaming of butterfly flew to the front of a window.
A: Indicates that one may encounter obstacles in achieving one’s goals, and any plans or ideas may need to be revised or changed.

Q: Dreaming of butterfly is flying into a tent.
A: Sign of embarking on a journey.

Q: Dreaming of butterfly lands on someone’s head,.
A: Sign of promotion and advancement.

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