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Q: Dreaming of hot food or drink burning the mouth. A: Illness. Q: Dreaming of […]

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Q: Dreaming of testicles rupturing and falling to the ground. A: Ominous sign. Those who […]

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Q: Dreaming of blisters on their nose. A: Signifies that their official position will be […]

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Bones Tendons

Q: Dreaming of pulling out tendons without bones. A: An ominous sign, this dream indicates […]

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Q: Dreaming of someone cutting your abdomen. A: Is a good sign, if you meet […]

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Q: Dreaming of seeing a woman’s genitalia. A: Signifies that there may be gossip or […]

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Q: Dreaming of sweating flowing on the ground. A: Bad omen, indicating loss of earth […]