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Rice Straw

Q: Dreaming of cutting rice predicts catching thieves for government officials, defeating rebels for military […]

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Q: Dreaming of orchids growing in the courtyard. A: It suggests the birth of a […]

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Q: Dreaming of chives. A: The word for “chives” sounds like the word for “nine” […]

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Q: Dreaming of the wind carrying the fragrance of osmanthus flowers. A: Signifies good luck, […]

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Pine Trees

Q: Dreaming of pine trees grow in the house. A: There will be abundance in […]

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Wood / Tree

Q: Dreaming of trees. A: Indicates good luck. Q: Dreaming of cutting tall trees. A: […]

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Fruit Trees

Q: Dreaming of abundant fruit trees in a mountain garden. A: Brings good fortune. It […]

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Cottonwood Tree

Q: Dreaming of a cottonwood tree. A: Represents good physical and mental health, and a […]