Dream meaning of Chest

Q: Dreaming of chest operating then insert huge mirror in it.
A: Auspicious, signifies success in the imperial examination for scholars, giving birth to a noble child for women, and replenishing lung essence for men.

Q: Dreaming of chest turning into a woman’s breasts.
A: Signifies the weak overcoming the strong, the evil triumphing over the good, and the yin prevailing over the yang.

Q: Dreaming of hiding a pen in the chest.
A: Auspicious. It signifies having splendid literary talent and elegant writing.

Q: Dreaming of a tiger-shaped object hanging on the chest.
A: Signifies that a noble person will undergo a transformation and become powerful, while a petty person will only pretend to be powerful.



Q: Dreaming of the chest shining like crystal.
A: Auspicious.

Q: Dreaming of the chest suddenly opening.
A: Auspicious. It signifies that all matters will be smooth and successful, dispelling all worries, and bringing in happiness and auspiciousness.

Q: Dreaming of the chest suddenly splitting open.
A: Auspicious, it signifies that literary talents will flourish, with broad-mindedness, loyalty as a subject, filial piety as a child, fulfilling family duties, righteousness in friendships, and embodying the virtues of a loyal and righteous person.

Q: Dreaming of the chest exposed with bones with no skin.
A: Signifies the death of elderly ancestors and the misfortune of younger generations and close relatives.


Q: Dreaming of beautiful brocade and silk coming out of the chest.
A: For scholars, it signifies outstanding literary achievements and a rise in reputation. For pregnant women, it signifies giving birth to a noble and talented child, and injustice may be shed upon light.

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