Dream meaning of Child

Q: Dreaming of a little child
A: Is a dream that has more bad luck than good luck.

Q: Dreaming of transforming into a little child.
A: Regardless of gender, it is a sign of financial decline and loss of business for middle-aged people. For the elderly, it could indicate illness or death. For ordinary people, the dream can be interpreted by heading to become a monk.

Q: Dreaming of carrying a child.
A: Good omen for dreaming a child boy, bad omen for dreaming of a child girl.

Q: Dreaming of burying a child in the ground.
A: Good omen. If the dreamer finds gold while burying the child, it is a sign that heaven rewards filial piety and brings unexpected good luck, which will be long-lasting. However, if the dreamer had a sick child, it is a bad omen.



Q: Dreaming of carrying a son ascending to heaven.
A: Good omen, if the dreamer already owned a child, the dreamer will be politically promoted and ranked highly on the country.

Q: Dreaming of someone giving a son as a gift.
A: Sign of good fortune and a blessing from heaven.

Q: Dreaming of one’s son becoming an official.
A: Good omen, especially if there is a pregnant woman in the family who has not yet given birth.


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