Clam / Surf Clams

Dream meaning of Clam / Surf Clams

Q: Dreaming of a surf clams.
A: Auspicious, suggests harmony and unity in all things, and predicts a good match in marriage with the birth of a kinda hearted child.

Q: Dreaming of a surf clams transforming into a moon.
A: Good omen, it suggests that a poor scholar will rise to power, and a poor person will come across a collection of mystery goods.

Q: Dreaming of small clams.
A: Sign of good luck and fortune. If a merchant dreams of this, it suggests that they should collaborate and share profits with others in their business ventures. For brothers, this dream indicates that they will not succeed in dividing property. For those who dream of traveling, it is a good omen to travel with companions. And for those who dream of marriage, it suggests that they will have a happy marriage.

Q: Dreaming of eating small clams.
A: Beneficial for those who live at home, but it is not favorable for those who hold official positions. In general, this dream is considered lucky for matters such as business, travel, marriage, trade, health, and pregnancy. However, for those who are in government service, it is better to resign and retire, otherwise there may be a risk of falling into a trap.

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