Criminal / Prisoner

Dream meaning of Criminal / Prisoner

Q: Dream of a prisoner is released and acquitted.
A: Good omen.

Q: If a prisoner enters someone’s home in a dream.
A: It indicates the presence of an epidemic or disaster.

Q: If a person dreams of a prisoner, and sees them being detained on both sides of the courtyard outside the government office, then based on the name of the prisoner.
A: One can determine their health and lifespan.

Q: If someone dreams of being accused of a crime, traveling on the road at night with a prisoner.
A: Thou must be aware of the potential for theft, spies, fire, and being implicated in a crime, thou should be prepared at the beginning of the matter.


Q: If a person dreams of a prisoner escaping.
A: Indicates that the person may be hiding something and being untrustworthy.

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