Dream meaning of Deer

Q: Dreaming of deer.
A: Signifies obtain of unexpected wealth.

Q: Dreaming of the deer is killed.
A: Sign of lose of wealth.

Q: Dreaming of molding soil into a deer.
A: Auspicious omen, as everything approached will turn into profit.

Q: Dreaming of a white deer.
A: Sign of obtaining spiritual power from higher spiritual teacher.



Q: Dreaming of riding a deer.
A: Be promoted to a high-ranking official position.

Q: Dreaming of obtaining a deer.
A: Sign of wealth and prosperity.

Q: Dreaming of losing a deer.
A: Sign of poverty.

Q: Dreaming of the death or a lively deer after .
A: If the deer death it signifies death, if the deer is alive signifies life. Good or bad omen, fortune or misfortune, the dreamer should be clear by the action they have done, it indicates a return of karma based on the original meaning(梦当昭昭不爽).



Q: Dreaming of eating deer jerky.
A: Auspicious sign of obtaining good fortune. If one dreams of a deity gifting the deer jerky, it is a sign of receiving heavenly blessing. If one dreams of giving deer jerky to others, it is a sign of sharing good fortune with them. If one dreams of eating deer jerky with others, it is a sign of abundant good fortune, while if one dreams of eating it alone, it is a sign of limited good fortune. The more one eats, the more good fortune they will have, and it will never run out.

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