Doctors and Medical Staff

Dream meaning of Doctors and Medical Staff

Q: Dreaming of oneself as a doctor.
A: Indicates the ability to solve other people’s problems and may also represent a marriage commitment with the person being treated.

Q: Dreaming of teaching someone medicine.
Q: Indicate a loss of business opportunities and a decline in one’s abilities. It is not an auspicious omen.

Q: Dreaming of heavenly doctors.
A: For normal people who dreams of it, it indicates rare to no sickness throughout your whole life. If a child is born, he or she may become a famous doctor. If doctors dream of this, it indicates great success in their career and many blessings. If a sick person dreams of this, it may indicate a speedy recovery and is a good omen to not take medicine.

Q: Dreaming of a doctor treating oneself.
A: Indicate recovery from an illness or avoiding disasters. Poor people may receive help, and scholars may encounter opportunities.

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