Dream meaning of Dog

Q: Dreaming of being bitten by a dog.
A: Indicates that your problems will be resolved.

Q: Dreaming of ambush and bitten by a dog.
A: Suggests that you will lose support.

Q: Dreaming of raising a dog.
A: Implies that you will have the assistance of a good friend.

Q: Dreaming of riding on a dog and ascending to heaven.
A: Means that you will have many children, but you should control your sexual desires.



Q: Dreaming of a dog walking towards you.
A: Indicates that you will make a new friend.

Q: Dreaming of a white dog.
A: Suggests that you may encounter gossip or slander. Could be also known or relate to the period of Geng Xu, the Western god, and the fire in your lungs.

Q: Dreaming of a red dog.
A: Symbolizes disputes and arguments.

Q: Dreaming of rice being eaten by dog.
A: It is a good omen that symbolizes good fortune, the end of disasters, recovery from illness, and receiving help from others. It also suggests the resolution of disputes, an abundance of wealth, and a prosperous household.



Q: Dreaming of a dog running in the snow.
A: It is a good omen that suggests good news or a joyful event coming your way.

Q: Dreaming of a black dog.
A: Black represents yin(阴), the Ren(壬) stem, and the water element of Gui(癸). In fire, black represents yin(阴). It symbolizes a struggle with a supernatural being, a visit from a deceased person, or a conflict between fire and water.

Q: Dreaming of a multicolored dog.
A: is auspicious. This dream symbolizes the ability to overcome fierce opponents. It is a sign of prosperity and beauty, representing the harmony of yin and yang, and an opportunity to improve oneself morally.

Q: Dreaming of a yellow dog.
A: Yellow belongs to the earth element, and in the ten heavenly stems(十天干), it represents the Wu(戊) and Ji(己) earthly branches. Dreaming of this is a symbol of following the natural order, being in harmony with nature, and an auspicious omen related to the ancestral spirits and the land.



Q: Dreaming of oneself transforming into a dog.
A: This dream symbolizes being a thief or a criminal, and foretells punishment in the underworld for a deceased person.

Q: Dreaming of a barking dog.
A: Ancestors asking for food or offerings, and impending troubles or disturbances, and it is advised to resolve any issues quickly to avoid negative consequences.

Q: Dreaming of selling a dog.
A: Happy event.

Q: Dreaming of dog barking at the sun.
A: It foretells official troubles and worries.



Q: Dreaming of a wounded dog.
A: It’s a good omen of great fortune.

Q: Dreaming of dog vomiting.
A: It means household spirits will receive offerings.

Q: Dreaming of dog biting a person.
A: It means a distinguished guest will visit.

Q: Dreaming of dog running.
A: It’s a sign of great fortune.



Q: Dreaming of killing a dog.
A: All wishes will be fulfilled.

Q: Dreaming of catching a dog.
A: An urgent guest will come, and sign of illness.

Q: Dreaming of two dogs talking to each other.
A: The word “狱” (yù) is associated with dogs talking to each other, indicating that the dreamer may face legal troubles or imprisonment.

Q: Dreaming of a green-colored dog.
A: The color of a dog in a dream can indicate different signs, such as spring, fire, summer, wood, strength, flexibility, clarity, and growth, and is generally considered an auspicious sign.



Q: Dreaming of a dog fiercely biting a person.
A: Is a bad omen, indicating potential harm or danger. If the dreamer is bitten by a dog, the seriousness is considered uninterpretable. However, if someone else is bitten, the dreamer should consider the identity of that person to determine the meaning of the dream.

Q: Dreaming of a dog died.
A: This dream symbolizes the balance of yin and yang, and the water element overpowering the fire element. The interpretation of the dream depends on the dreamer’s morality: if they are virtuous, it is a good omen, but if they lack morals, it is a bad omen. The dream can also indicate a sign of receiving food.

Q: Dreaming of dogs biting each other.
A: Is a bad omen, indicating a potential conflict or fight between two people. The dream warns the dreamer to avoid any conflicts or legal troubles and to exercise caution in their actions.

Q: Dreaming of a dog with green whiskers.
A: Is a sign of the bear and brown bear, that means strong and tough. Dreaming of this indicates the birth of a son, but based on the appearance of the dream, one can determine the lifespan, social status, wealth, and poverty of the son to be born.



Q: Dreaming of a dog landing from the heaven.
A: Is a bad omen for those who behave improperly. If one dreams of this while maintaining one’s integrity, it is an omen that a brave man will come to help.

Q: Dreaming of a dog speaking human language.
A: Is a bad omen. This dream indicates involvement in a lawsuit or legal proceedings, and one should pay attention to what the dog says in the dream. Someone may speak falsely and untruthfully, and there may also be someone who cannot be trusted.

Q: Dreaming of entering a market and being bitten by a dog on the head.
A: A good omen, for scholars, this dream indicates being the top scholar in the imperial examinations, while for merchants, it suggests obtaining great profits. If the dream occurs on the day of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac, it is an extremely auspicious omen.

Q: Dreaming of entering a garden and being barked at by a dog.
A: Suggests being disturbed or hindered by evil spirits. This dream indicates that the dreamer may be under attack by malevolent entities.



Q: Dreaming of drawing a bow and shooting a dog.
A: It is auspicious, the dog(狗) represents down and bad shape (苟), but if it survives and thrives, it will grow without bounds. All dreams of this nature are considered auspicious. Dreaming of drawing a bow and shooting it, hitting the dog is a sign of great fortune, but missing will not bring disaster.

Q: Dreaming of a mother dog gather with her puppies.
A: It is an omen of good fortune.

Q: Dreaming of a dog barking at a person.
A: It is an omen that a ghost will come to ask for food.

Q: Dreaming of a dog barking at its owner.
A: It is an omen of financial loss and misfortune.



Q: If you hear a dog barking in your dream.
A: It is a sign that an enemy is approaching.

Q: Dreaming of catching a pair of dogs or pigs
A: it is an ominous sign. The dreamer may be harmed by others due to being too casual and form grudges, leading to three years of bad luck. This dream often appears during the transition from autumn to winter, indicating a bleak future.

Q: Dreaming of dogs and pigs together.
A: it is an omen that all your wishes will come true.

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