Dream meaning of Eels

Q: Dreaming of eel (pronounced the same as “kind” (鳝) in Chinese).
A: Generally signifies a kind and benevolent heart, promoting the Buddhist teachings of freeing captive animals and refraining from killing. The dream also indicates that the dreamer will encounter good-hearted people and should strive to improve oneself from past mistake and or recite Confucian classics for good fortune. However, if a wicked person dreams of this and indulges their desires without restraint by causing troubles with their speaking action, they will fail to suppress evil and promote good.

Q : Dreaming of eating eel.
A: Suggests that the dreamer may lack kindness and flexibility, causing harm instead of benefit. The dream also implies that the dreamer may miss opportunities due to a lack of understanding of righteousness. It is recommended to seek good relationships, observe carefully, conceal evil and promote good, in order to avoid disasters.

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