Dream meaning of Eyes

Q: Dreaming of blurry eyes and cant see people.
A: Extremely unlucky. The house is dark and unclear, and the body is in danger. If there are auspicious signs in this dream, it may only indicate minor illness.

Q: Dreaming of changing eyes.
A: Auspicious, dreamt of hanging to dragon eyes indicates wealth and honor, changing to tiger eyes indicates martial glory, changing to eagle or phoenix eyes all indicate auspicious signs. Changing to chicken, dog, or ghost eyes indicates inauspiciousness.

Q: Dreaming of eyes like drooping pearls.
A: Unlucky, pearls resembling tears, indicating sadness and tears shed from the heart, it is a sign of the dreamer’s weeping.

Q: Dreaming of eyes emitting golden light and shining on the earth and stars.
A: Auspicious, it is a sign of buying land and obtaining servants. The golden light shining on the nose indicates spending money to establish a family.


Q: Dreaming of someone using a needle to stab the eyes.
A: Auspicious, the eyes can discern between good and evil, and distinguish between high and low. If someone in the dream stabs the eyes with a needle, it is an inauspicious sign. However, if a sick person dreams of this, it is very auspicious.

Q: Dreaming of double pupils in the eyes.
A: Very auspicious, indicating great fortune.

Q: Dreaming of washing the eyes.
A: Very auspicious. If a scholar dream this, it’s an enlightenment of wisdom. If a working related individuals dream this, it’s an achieving enlightenment in one’s actions.

Q: Woman dreaming of their eyes are bright.
A: It indicates scattered matters in various aspects.



Q: Dreaming of painful eyes.
A: Indicates promotion in official position.

Q: Dreaming of eyes blooming with flowers.
A: Very auspicious. Worries will dissipate, and everything will become clear. For elderly or sick people, beware of eye diseases.

Q: Dreaming of thorns in the eyes.
A: Unlucky, indicating the approach of thieves, robbers, or spies. If dreaming of thorns in someone else’s eyes and removing them, it is auspicious.

Q: Dreaming of blood in the eyes.
A: Very unlucky. Tears flowing like blood from the eyes, if a pregnant woman dreams of this, it is a sign of weeping blood, indicating a misfortune in childbirth; if someone without parents dreams of this, it may indicate an untimely death.


Q: Dreaming of a new eye growing in the eyes.
A: Unlucky. It indicates locust disasters, family crises, and serious illnesses.

Q: Dreaming of three eyes.
A: Is auspicious. Dreaming of this indicates being favored by the god of wealth. If it is related to ordinary people’s affairs, there will be auspicious and prosperous events within three days.

Q: Dreaming of four eyes.
A: Very auspicious, indicating the ability to see things from all directions.

Q: Dreaming of hanging eyes.
A: Unlucky. Looking around with hanging eyes indicates urgent matters, and dreaming of this may stem from mental stress.


Q: Dreaming of having only one eye.
A: Auspicious. Those who dream of this will have boundless wealth and honor.

Q: Dreaming of storing treasure into pupils.
A: Good omen that they will be promoted to a high official position.

Q: Dreaming of that having different colours of black and white on pupils.
A: For dreamer who dreams of having black pupil turned into white, indicates live physically strong in times of turmoil. While those dreams white turning into black, indicates living in a fairly poor environment.

Q: Dreaming of yellow eyes.
A: Good omen for health.



Q: Dreaming of red eyes.
A: Sign of verbal conflict and aggression.

Q: Dreaming of taking out someone else’s eyeballs and inserting them into their own eye.
A: Good omen for fame, fortune, success, clear vision, wealth, and longevity.

Q: Dreaming of that their eyes are protruding like a crab’s.
A: Good omen for wealth, status, and honor. If one dreams of this during difficult times, it suggests that their vision will help them escape from danger and adversity.

Q: Dreaming of their eyes entering someone’s nostrils.
A: Good omen for pursuing a life in the mountains and forests. The nose represents the root of the mountain and is associated with longevity. When the eyes return to their original position, it means that one is not influenced by external factors and the outcome of the situation is likely to be positive.



Q: Dreaming of that their eyes are falling out.
A: Bad omen for mourning and grief. It is difficult to avoid this dream.

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