Dream meaning of Feet

Q: Dreaming of having multiple feet.
A: Indicates gaining wealth and is considered auspicious.

Q: Dreaming of a your feet getting chopped.
A: It is considered auspicious. For men, it indicates gaining profits, and for women, it signifies obtaining new clothes. However, if you dream of this while traveling, beware of thieves.

Q: Dreaming of wrapping your feet.
A: It is a warning to be cautious and careful in all matters. Avoid indulgence and idle wandering, as it may lead to disastrous consequences.

Q: Dreaming of footwear being worn out by foot of yours.
A: Inauspicious, your efforts in planning and striving may be in vain, and your endeavors may not bear fruit easily.



Q: Dreaming of feet falling.
A: Inauspicious, your current fortune may not be smooth, your plans may not be successful, and it may bring calamity to you and your descendants.

Q: Dreaming of having extra toes on your feet.
A: Considered highly auspicious, it indicates great profits in business and commerce, and a sign of success in all endeavors.

Q: Dreaming of your feet stepping on the ground.
A: Indicates that you have a solid foundation in life and will overcome challenges without harm.

Q: Dreaming of someone kicking your own feet.
A: Auspicious, indicating that you may encounter like-minded people or meet a suitable partner.



Q: Dreaming of your feet being injured and bleeding.
A: Auspicious, for scholars, it signifies success in studies, for warriors, it indicates leading troops to victory, and for ordinary people, it signifies gaining profits.

Q: Dreaming of having an extra foot.
A: These three feet come together to create a tripod, which is a symbol of stability. Dreaming of this signifies that you will have the ability to support and sustain various endeavors.

Q: Dreaming of one foot being longer and other being shorter.
A: Signifies difficulties in seeking help from others, and dissatisfaction in rest.

Q: Dreaming of an additional foot.
A: Auspicious, it symbolizes stability like a tripod, indicating the ability to support and sustain various endeavors.



Q: Dreaming of long feet, which is considered auspicious.
A: It symbolizes contentment and humility, indicating that one’s status or height is secure and stable.

Q: Dreaming of feet being broken and then reconnected.
A: Signifies a mix of good and bad luck, surviving a crisis, and the continuation of family lineage despite setbacks. If dreaming of this in a legal matter, it may indicate unfavorable outcomes.

Q: Dreaming of feet in muddy sludge.
A: Inauspicious, indicating signs of humiliation or disgrace.

Q: Dreaming of feet in muddy sludge, which indicates
A: Signs of being humiliated or disgraced.



Q: Dreaming of feet on the hands.
A: It symbolizes a reversal of hierarchy, disputes among siblings, or conflicts in social status.

Q: Dreaming of toes growing longer. 
A: Auspicious signs of longevity and blessings for grandchildren.

Q: Dreaming of feet walking swiftly.
For scholars, it signifies auspicious signs of advancement when ascending and inauspicious signs when descending; for merchants, it signifies no profits and being deceived in business dealings; for the sick, it signifies an omen of death. Only for those in difficulties, dreaming of this indicates escaping from danger and brings great fortune.

Q: Dreaming of washing feet.
Indicates a lack of integrity or impurity in the heart.



Q: Dreaming of stepping on stars with feet.
Signifies having power and authority in hand, indicating a position of influence.

Q: Dreaming of feet growing fruits, which is considered auspicious.
Signifies having outstanding talents, surpassing others, being versatile and successful in various endeavors, with abundant fame and fortune, and having many talented and healthy offspring.

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