Dream meaning of Fingers

Q: Dreaming of having many fingers.
A: Influential person will come into your life.

Q: Dreaming that someone cuts off your thumb.
A: Good omen that you will gain unexpected wealth and profits.

Q: Dreaming that you cut off all of your ten fingers with a knife.
A: Bad omen.

Q: Dreaming that your fingers are bleeding.
A: Sign of financial loss..



Q: Dreaming that you have extra four fingers.
A: Good omen that your wealth will increase.

Q: Dreaming that your fingers are broken.
A: Very bad omen, indicating a lost of your children or grandchildren will suffer greatly, and you will have great misfortune without bleeding (无血大凶).

Q: Dreaming that your fingers are painful.
A: Sign of physical and mental discomfort.

Q: If your fingers are cut off in a dream.
A: Sign that you will be successful in love affairs.



Q: Dreaming of fingers growing longer.
A: Sign that your financial situation will improve.

Q: Dreaming of fingers become crooked.
A: Sign that someone is plotting against you.

Q: Dreaming having short fingers.
A: Sign of poverty and hardship.

Q: Dreaming fingers are broken due to twisting.
A: It is a sign of illness.

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