Dream meaning of Fist

Q: Dreaming of being bounded on your fist and was taken away.
A: Bad omen. Dreamer as a soldier on war, will be captured, people who are under lawsuits, will be imprisoned. Deceived by others when running a business, it signifies that you will lose power and influence. Be cautious in making decisions when faced with difficulties.

Q: Dreaming of your fists gradually growing larger.
A: Good omen. It indicates a promotion or elevation in rank and fortune. If a scholar dreams of this, it signifies great honor. For ordinary people, it indicates will be given an important task by noble man, while for military officials, it indicates that their troops will be well-provisioned and strong.

Q: Dreaming of having a golden pellet in your fist.
A: Good omen. If a woman dreams of this, it signifies that she will give birth to a noble child, while if a man dreams of this, it suggests that he will be cured of his illness.

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