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Dream meaning of Fruits

Q: Dreaming of distributing fruits.
A: Brings bad luck.

Q: Dreaming of encountering fruit vendors.
A: Separation from one’s husband.

Q: Dreaming of fruits are unripe.
A: Misfortune will come.

Q: Dreaming of fruits are ripe
A: It brings good fortune and wealth.


Q: Dreaming of picking fruits.
A: Signifies the birth of a noble child.

Q: Dreaming of receiving fruits under a lamp/light.
A: Is auspicious and signifies a happy event. Those who are in a position of power will gain popularity among the people, and fathers will gain the strength of their sons. The household will be peaceful, and siblings will get along well. If one dreams of having fruits in their sleeve but not eating them, it indicates that they will be a long-term guest in a foreign place.

Q: Dreaming of mixed fruits.
A: Indicates pregnancy.

Q: Dreaming of being gifted with good fruits by a deity.
A: Very auspicious. Fruits symbolize success and if a deity gives them to you in a dream, you will receive them in reality. If a pregnant woman has this dream, it indicates that she will have a beautiful child.



Q: Dreaming of a withered tree bearing fruits.
A: Signifies obtaining precious treasures.

Q: Dreaming of picking and eating fruits from the water.
A: Signifies unexpected financial gain and success in one’s plans. This dream is especially auspicious for women.

Q: Dreaming of eating fruit.
A: Indicates good fortune with distant people.

Q: Dreaming of walking in an orchard.
A: Signifies wealth acquisition.



Q: Dreaming of oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, and mandarins.
A: Suggests the birth of a son. If a daughter is born first, a son will follow, and a distinguished son-in-law will be obtained. Scholars who dream of this will excel in examinations and receive high honors. Officials who dream of this will either be appointed to a position in the capital city if they are from the south, or in the Chu region if they are from the north. This dream is an auspicious omen for officials and military personnel, indicating promotion and success. It is also a sign of financial gain for the poor and recovery from illness. However, if a non-official person dreams of this, it is a warning that misfortune is imminent.

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