Dream meaning of Hair

Q: Dreaming of someone else’s hair grows longer.
A: Represents spiritual cultivation.

Q: Dreaming of having short hair.
A: Sign of impending misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of women wearing her hair down.
A: Indicates a secret love affair.

Q: Dreaming of cutting or shaving your hair.
A: It is a bad omen for your family.



Q: Dreaming of cutting her hair.
A: It is a sign of widowhood.

Q: Dreaming of wearing your hair down in public.
A: Indicates that you are planning something.

Q: Dreaming of having half side of your hair messy and disheveled.
A: It is a sign of your children or grandchildren falling ill, with the left If the back of your hair is disheveled, it indicates a lack of heirs and misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of walking around a market with your hair down.
A: It is a good omen, it indicates that if you are a merchant, you will gain a fortune. If you are involved in a legal dispute, you will win the case. If you are an official, you will rise to a higher position and fame. If you are poor and lonely, you will lead a happy and lively life.



Q: Dreaming of braiding your hair and it becomes tangled and messy.
A: It is a bad omen indicating a sign of becoming a widow.

Q: Dreaming of having painful scalp and nerve on the head are floating or detached.
A: It is a sign that you will not be able to see people or communicate with them.

Q: Dreaming of hair growing / hidden inside your ear or nose.
A: It is a bad omen and a sign of being unable to resolve conflicts.

Q: Dreaming of hair growing / hidden inside your brain.
A: It is a sign of unexpected troubles.



Q: Dreaming of having long hair that reaches your eyebrows.
A: It is a good omen, it indicates that men will marry beautiful wives, women will marry good husbands, and elderly people will have many grandchildren. For monk or nun who dreams it, it is an auspicious dream.

Q: Dreaming of hair got broken and recovered, short hair becoming long.
A: Illness may recur, and a failing situation may have a chance to continue.

Q: Dreaming of hair suddenly becoming messy.
A: Messy hair indirectly reflect messy mind, plans are difficult to execute. Private matters may be difficult to untangle, and there may be no one to help.

Q: Dreaming of hair falling out.
A: A bad omen, indicating potential health problems or financial loss.



Q: Dreaming of hair that reaches down to the feet.
A: If it is cleaned and organized, it is considered very lucky. If it is messy and tangled, it is a bad omen.

Q: Dreaming of wearing hair up in a mountain shape is very lucky.
A: It suggests that one’s reputation is high, their character is unyielding, and their responsibilities are respected. However, if one dreams of a bald head wearing a mountain-shaped hat, it may indicate bad luck or the presence of evil spirits.

Q: Dreaming of hair growing back.
A: Suggests a new opportunity and a chance to improve one’s life. It may indicate success in career, improved financial situation, and increased reputation.

Q: Dreaming of hair falling out on its own.
A: Bad omen. For young people, it may indicate worries and regrets. For middle-aged people, it may indicate illness. For the elderly, it may indicate aging and decline.



Q: Dreaming of cutting hair with someone else.
A: Suggests potential harm or jail punishment. It may also indicate the transfer of knowledge or skills from a teacher to a student.

Q: Dreaming of a hole opening at the hairline is a good sign.
A: Scholars will be highly respected, merchants will become wealthy, farmers will have a good harvest, women will be loved and may have a child.

Q: Dreaming of hair being shaved. (An old method of punishment in China).
A: Is a sign of worry for a child, husband or parents. For the elderly, it is a sign of poor health. However, for those who have been falsely accused, it is a sign of good luck.

Q: Dreaming of having a bald head with hair hanging over the face.
A: Sign of great danger and misfortune approaching.



Q: Dreaming of washing hair is a good sign.
A: It indicates healthy energy, improved spirit, and the disappearance of worries and problems.

Q: Dreaming of did not leave the house with hair down.
A: Is a sign of discord between couples. For those who work hard and making efforts to improve their current life condition is a good omen for them.

Q: Dreaming of wearing hair down with a crown worn.
A: Is a sign of good fortune and success, as well as getting help from others.

Q: Dreaming of wearing hair down
A: Sign of danger and misfortune, it indicates the possibility of anger and mental distress.



Q: Dreaming of walking in the rain with hair wore down.
A: Sign of misfortune, good sign if the hair is tied, but bad to wear it down. This dream indicates the influence of evil spirits and ghosts, leading to obstacles and difficulties in endeavors.

Q: Dreaming of having hair pointing upward like the star “Kui Xing” (魁星).
A:Good omen, the dreamer will win battles as a warrior or excel in literature, and a boy will become noble in the future, while a girl will marry a noble husband.

Q: Dreaming of looking at the back of your hair.
A: Good omen, the dreamer will establish a family and business, have a noble child, and gain fame and profit in work and trade. However, if the dreamer dreams of the back of the hair turning weak and declining, it is a bad omen.

Q: Dreaming of having long hair.
A: Indicates getting sick and becoming poor, for woman it means happiness for them.



Q: Dreaming of losing hair.
A: It indicates becoming a widow for a woman.

Q: Dreaming of becoming bald and losing hair.
A: Bad luck.

Q: Dreaming of having long and messy hair.
A: Indicate predicts that someone is plotting against you.

Q: Dreaming of growing hairs all over your body.
A: It’s a good omen, it symbolizes civilization and also serves as a disguise.



Q: Dreaming of having long hairs on your body.
A: It’s a good omen. If you have many fine hairs, it means you will gain fame, lucky over misfortune. If you have no hairs, it means you will lack energy. It’s a good omen if the hairs are long but a bad omen if they are short.

Q: Dreaming of having extremely long hairs.
A: It’s a very good omen. But if they are short, it’s a bad omen.

Q: Dreaming of putting a hair in your mouth.
A: It means you will encounter small profits or minor troubles, but nothing serious

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