Dream meaning of Heart

Q: Dreaming of thunder striking and breaking one’s heart.
A: Good omen, indicating that scholars will pass their examinations.

Q: Dreaming of cutting open one’s heart.
A: Indicates that all difficulties will be solved and all worries will disappear. It is a sign of achieving enlightenment and immortality.

Q: Dreaming of taking someone’s heart and washing it in water.
A: Is a symbol of cleansing one’s heart, purifying one’s thoughts, and cultivating one’s character, also indicating that illnesses will be cured and things will turn for the better.

Q: Dreaming of rubbing one’s heart with one’s hand.
A: Is a very auspicious omen, indicating the cure of illnesses, the elimination of disasters and enemies, and good luck in all endeavors.



Q: Dreaming of water entering one’s heart.
A: A good omen, indicating the elimination of disasters and the disappearance of illnesses.

Q: Dreaming of having no heart.
A: Greatly auspicious.

Q: Dreaming of the heart transforming into a bird.
A: Greatly auspicious for scholars, especially for those in commerce. However, for legal disputes and other matters, there may be unexpected changes.

Q: Dreaming of a heart as bright as the moon.
A: Good omen indicating a sign of an enlightened mind and a good image.



Q: Dreaming of crops growing from the heart.
A: Indicates increased creativity for men, and for women, it is an auspicious omen for getting pregnant with a healthy baby and having a happy family.

Q: Dreaming of having a lamb in the heart.
A: A bad omen, it indicates a symptom of liver fire attacking the heart, which might lead to illness. One should be cautious.

Q: Dreaming of the hole in the heart as large as a bucket in the chest.
A: Good omen indicating a broad mind and happy minded. Even if one is living in poverty, they will eventually move to a better place and become knowledgeable.

Q: Dreaming of a heart hanging on the ceiling.
A: Good omen indicating that one’s love affair will come an end, and their career and life will be prosperous.



Q: Dreaming of opening the heart by cutting it with a knife.
A: Good omen indicating that one will overcome difficulties and all worries will be gone.

Q: Dreaming of exchanging a heart for a fruit.
A: Good omen indicating that one’s writing skills will improve, and they will be successful in business.

Q: Dreaming of pointing at a drawing, and cracks in the heart.
A: Good omen indicating that one will make a fresh start and there will be no misfortune.

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