Dream meaning of Intestines

Q: Dreaming of intestines becoming threads.
A: Signifies being deeply troubled by longing for someone. For scholars, it indicates success in their studies, and for those seeking love, it suggests that they will find their match.

Q: Dreaming of intestines turning into a rainbow ascending.
A: Good omen, for scholars, it suggests that they will be filled with vitality and energy, for women, it may indicate a pregnancy with a strong and handsome son. However, for the elderly, it may be a bad omen.

Q: Dreaming of intestines being blocked by objects.
A: Bad omen, it suggests that body energy suffocated and frustrated, and may have trouble achieving their goals.

Q: Dreaming of intestines wrapping around a city wall. (肠绕城关)
A: Good omen. It suggests that one may rise to the ranks of royalty or nobility.



Q: Dreaming of fire starting in the intestines.
A: Good omen.

Q: Dreaming of extracting someone’s intestines.
A: Suggests gaining insights and knowledge from others.

Q: Dreaming of having one’s intestines taken out by someone else.
A: Suggests being victimized by thieves or bullies. The dreamer should focus on taking exams as it may bring good luck.

Q: Dreaming of a broken intestine.
A: Bad omen, it may suggest leaving one’s homeland, losing loved ones, and being estranged from family and friends. However, if the dream involves giving away money or marrying off a daughter, or parents related, it may be a good omen.



Q: Dreaming of intestines hanging on a mountain.
A: Good omen, it suggests being a loyal subject or a filial child.

Q: Dreaming of intestines hanging on a weapon.
A: Suggests chaos and danger due to the pursuit of profit. However, if the dream involves the intestines hanging high on the tip of a spear above a crowd, it may be a sign of great fortune.

Q: Dreaming of someone having a change/replaced in their intestines.
A: Suggests the resolution of conflicts and the betrayal of trusted individuals. If the person in the dream is not familiar to you, it is advised to take precautions in all matters.

Q: Dreaming of intestines being swallowed into the stomach.
A: Indicates that one’s literary skills will improve, bringing great success and abundant rewards in various endeavors.



Q: Dreaming of someone having change/replace the object inside their intestines.
A: Good omen, only when during times of poverty and distress, suggest that positive changes and favorable outcomes may arise from difficult situations.

Q: Dreaming of using intestines to tie someone.
A: Indicates good fortune, the person you fear will escape or be removed from your life.

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