lotus oil painting

Dream meaning of Lotus

Q: Dreaming of picking lotus.
A: Bad omen.

Q: Dreaming of picking lotus, yet has no roots.
A: Means that a young person may die prematurely or suffer from a serious illness. However, legal disputes may be resolved.

Q: Dreaming of the wind blowing on two lotus flowers, causing one of the petals to fall off.
A: Means that the couple may separate or the children may be estranged. Although everything may seem to be going well, it may be difficult to achieve harmony.

Q: Dreaming of lotus flowers.
A: Means that marriage will be successful, financial gains will be significant, and the home will be comfortable and peaceful. Illness will also be cured.

Q: Dreaming of eating lotus root.
A: Signifies having children who are intelligent and talented, both male and female.

Q: Dreaming of white lotus or known as snow lotus.
A: Good omen, for scholars who dream of this will have their minds opened and ambitions realized. Women who dream of this will have a pure and beautiful nature with a graceful bearing. Those who are sick and dream of this will recover in the summer and fall and be nourished in the winter and spring.

Q: Dreaming of man picking lotus.
A: It indicates hidden desires or romance for a woman.

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