Lung and Liver

Dream meaning of Lung and Liver

Q: Dreaming of the liver and lungs as solid as a stone.
A: Auspicious, indicating that good fortune is coming and that any illnesses will soon recover.

Q: Dreaming of exchanging one’s liver and lungs with another person.
A: Good omen for women, indicating that they will give birth to a noble child.

Q: Dreaming of taking someone else’s liver and lungs and placing them in your own abdomen.
A: Auspicious, indicating that the two people are connected in a very close and harmonious way, and that they share the same breath and life force.

Q: Dreaming of cutting someone else’s liver and lungs with a knife.
A: Auspicious, indicating that one can win a battle or gain an advantage over an opponent.



Q: Dreaming of liver and lungs are seen when light are shed on.
A: Auspicious, indicating that “one gives lesson to people, knowing who hates and appreciates, what being illuminated isn’t what being reflected, I know what’s society, thou can’t bully me.”

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