different type of melons

Dream meaning of Melon

Q: Dreaming of getting a melon.
A: symbolizes filial piety and blessings.

Q: Dreaming of a melon with five colors.
A: signifies that your descendants will multiply and the family line will be long-lasting. If the head of the family dreams this, it is a sign to divide the family property. If a sick person dreams this, it is a sign to worship one’s ancestors. If someone involved in a lawsuit dreams this, there will be no conclusion to the case. If someone who is planning to travel dreams this, their journey may not go smoothly. Dreaming of eating melon seeds warns that children may be in danger or there may be risks during childbirth.

Q: Dreaming of eating a rotten melon.
A: Indicates illness.

Q: Dreaming of a bell-shaped melon fruit indicates different fortunes for different people in different situations.
A: For scholars, it signifies great fortune; for those taking examinations, it suggests they will be successful in their exams; for military personnel, it suggests they will be promoted to a high rank; for common people, it suggests they will be promoted by a noble person and appointed to an important position; for the elderly, it suggests they will be involved in government affairs and have a chance to enter the inner court. However, if one dreams of it while being ill, the interpretation will depend on other details in the dream.

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