Navel / Belly Button

Dream meaning of Navel / Belly Button

Q: Dreaming of smoke coming out of your navel.
A: Good omen. For a young person, it suggests an upcoming wedding celebration.

Q: Dreaming of grass growing on your belly button.
A: Bad omen. It’s a sign of fields will be barren.

Q: Dreaming of a lamb birthed out of your belly button.
A: Good omen. It suggests that if you are poor, you will become rich; if you are wealthy, you will become more esteemed; if you are of noble birth, you will be promoted; and if you are a woman, you will be blessed with joy. If you are ill, it suggests that you will recover.

Q: Dreaming of water coming out of your belly button.
A: Good omen. It’s a sign of strong life force, a clear mind, and that your calamities and illnesses will be eliminated.



Q: Dreaming of lice biting your belly button.
A: Good omen. It suggests that you will enjoy harmonious relations, gain trust from others, and benefit from them.

Q: Dreaming of having no belly button.
A: Sign of hunger or famine.

Q: Dreaming of a rope passing through your belly button.
A: Suggests that scholars and recluses will achieve great success, that children will encounter excellent teachers and be well-educated, that ordinary people will form good relationships, that women will be loved by their husbands, and that businesses will achieve great profits.

Q: Dreaming of being pricked by a needle in your navel.
A: Good omen, indicating that you will be healthy and free from illness.



Q: Dreaming of a flame rising from your navel.
A: It means that if you are virtuous, you will have a noble child. But if you lack virtue, you will encounter strange misfortunes.

Q: Dreaming of hitting the belly and making a drum sound.
A: Good omen indicating peace and joy. If a sick person has this dream, it suggests that the illness can be cured.

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