Dream meaning of Neck

Q: Dreaming of your neck getting grown longer.
A: Auspicious, if a scholar dreams of this, it signifies that their reputation will be outstanding; if a merchant dreams of this, it signifies that their wealth will prosper, all endeavors will be successful.

Q: Dreaming of a broken and then reconnected neck is a sign of great luck.
A: Indicating that one will experience a “rebirth from death” like a rising phoenix, and become rich again after being poor.

Q: Dreaming of a fragrant neck.
A: Auspicious, if there is a fragrance in the dream, it suggests that there will be good luck, it means that one’s vitality is thriving and their luck is about to improve, and there will be happy events in the near future.

Q: Dreaming of being strangled around the neck.
A: Auspicious.



Q: Dreaming of having a beautiful, long neck.
A: Sign of good luck.

Q: Dreaming of having an unattractive neck
A: Sign of impending misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of neck is injured.
A: Indicates that your family may experience turmoil and financial losses.

Q: Dreaming of strangling someone else’s neck.
A: Sign of bad luck.

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