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Q: Dreaming of having multiple feet. A: Indicates gaining wealth and is considered auspicious. Q: […]

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Q: Dreaming of blurry eyes and cant see people. A: Extremely unlucky. The house is […]

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Dead People

Q: Dreaming of Calling out to the dead, their fate is sealed. A: Signifies the […]

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Dreaming of teeth usually indicates that you will face difficulties and need to work hard […]

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Q: Dreaming of eloping with a woman other than your wife A: Misfortune may approach. […]

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Bloated Belly

Q: A man dreams of a bloated belly. A: Which is a good omen for […]

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Q: Dreaming of being abandoned by oneself. A: You will gain what has been abandoned, […]

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Dreaming of a Team

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Dreaming of an Architect

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Dreaming of Uncle

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