Dream meaning of Parents

Q: Dreaming of the wind carrying parents to the clouds.
A: If the parents are ill, it is not appropriate to dream of this; if the parents have passed away, it means they are ascending in the afterlife.

Q: Dreaming of parents crying.
A: Indicates that there will be a happy event in the family the next day.

Q: Dreaming of parents coming to greet you.
A: If they are alive, it means reunion; if they are deceased, it means parting from the dead.

Q: Dreaming of parents begging for food.
A: It indicates that the parents may be angry with you in the near future.



Q: Dreaming of parents burial site.
A: If there are many pine and cypress trees, it indicates that future generations will prosper.

Q: Dreaming of taking care of sick parents.
A: If in the dream, they were taken care on a hall, it suggests that they may be facing some misfortune; if they have passed away, it may indicate that their descendants will face difficulties.

Q: Dreaming of deceased parents coming back to life.
A: Indicates that the dreamer may be able to free themselves from guilt and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Q: Dreaming of burying parents.
A: Suggests that the dreamer’s family and home will prosper.



Q: Dreaming of deceased parents.
A: Good omen.

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