Dream meaning of Parrot

Q: Dreaming of a parrot.
A: Omen of giving birth to a princess-like girl, or just girl, could also mean feeling worried lost of a loved one.

Q: Dreaming of a white parrot singing and dancing.
A: Indicates good fortune. If one dreams of this, it indicates that they are a kind and generous person who observes fasting and keeps the precepts.

Q: Dreaming of a parrot delivering message.
A: Is an omen of being worried about being too “creativity” talkative. If one has such a dream, they should cultivate their moral character and guard against trouble before it happens.

Q: Dreaming of keeping a parrot.
A: An omen of befriending swindlers.



Q: Dreaming of a parrot flying.
A: Is an omen of good luck.

Q: Dreaming of a parrot returning to its owner.
A: Omen of disputes and arguments.

Q: Dreaming of a parrot standing on the ground.
A: Omen of making mediocre friends.

Q: Dreaming of a parrot falling from a tree.
A: Omen of falling ill.



Q: Dreaming of dead parrot.
A: Is a warning to beware of untrustworthy friends.

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