Dream meaning of Pheasant

Q: Dreaming of a pheasant gathered in a garden.
A: Auspicious, pheasant(锦) is artistic like brocade(锦, same word, 2 meaning). Gathered in a garden, symbolizes a peaceful and comfortable home. If an official dreams of this, they will be promoted to the third rank(三品, traditional officer rank in china, the largest is 1st, then award titles by the king), should wear clothes of corresponding color. In the imperial examination dream, one aspires to pass the provincial level. If scholar dream of this, the reputed by a written renowned work.

Q: Dreaming of a silver pheasant.
A: Good omen. In ancient times, the white pheasant was the color of the fifth-ranked official dress and represented the rank of a high-ranking official. It is a good omen for elderly people, indicating peaceful and contented golden years, while young people dreaming of it may indicate a worry about wasting their time.

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