Dream meaning of Pig

Q: Dreaming of two pigs fighting for the same head.
A: Sign of cannot achieve anything.

Q: Dreaming of see someone killing a pig.
A: Good omen.

Q: Dreaming of see a pig.
A: There will be streak of good news, could also mean encounter troubles with the authorities.

Q: Dreaming of lose a pig.
A:Signifies the end of a friendship.



Q: Dreaming of a pig dying by itself.
A: Sign of bad luck.

Q: Dreaming of a big mother pig.
A: For officers, it indicates being in charge of a warehouse; for ordinary people, it signifies owning a lot of land.

Q: Dreaming of seeing a fat pig being slaughtered.
A: It’s a bad omen.

Q: Dreaming of a mother pig giving birth to piglets.
A: Sign of impending wealth. However, good fortune may not come to you while you are in a favorable situation, and if you are in a bad situation, things will be even worse.



Q: Dreaming of a mother pig giving birth to a lamb.
A: Sign of digging a well. The pig represents the trigram Kan(坎) and the lamb represents the trigram Dui(兑), which stands for a marsh or swamp. This dream symbolizes happiness, and the lamb’s fat is an ingredient for making soup, which is a desirable sign for people. Therefore, this is a dream that signifies digging a well and is a sign of a girl being born.

Q: Dreaming of killing a pig.
A: Inauspicious sign that predicts misfortune for your children and grandchildren, and may cause family members to separate and bring trouble to your parents. Dreaming of a pig dying without any reason, it carries the same meaning, but may also indicate revenge being taken or given.

Q: Dreaming of transforming into a pi.
A: An ill omen, signifies the dreamer’s true nature and they will not die peacefully. People who have a pig-like appearance in real life are not likely to end well, so dreaming of one’s true self is even more foreboding.

Q: Dreaming of a pig crossing a river is a good omen
A: signifies that there will be a drought in the current year, but it will also bring good luck when one faces difficulties. If the pig crosses the river and goes away, it is a sign that any disasters will be avoided. If the pig crosses the river and comes, it is an indication of a feast or banquet.



Q: Dreaming of a pig descending from the clouds and entering a human dwelling.
A: Signifies good luck. Pigs, are creatures associated with the element of water and earth and symbolize sweetness and fertility. If one dreams of a pig, it is an indication of fate, and the interpretation depends on the size of the pig: a large pig represents life and death, while a small one represents illness or lawsuits. If a pig descends from the sky in a dream, it is an auspicious sign of having a son or bringing happiness to the family.

Q: Dreaming of a pig being killed and then coming back to life.
A: Signifies legal issues, or being unjustly imprisoned, or having one’s death sentence commuted. Alternatively, it could indicate the resolution of long-standing grievances. If a child has passed away, this dream is a sign that they will have another child.

Q: Dreaming of a pig nibbling on one’s foot.
A: Is an ominous sign.

Q: Dreaming of killing a pig.
A: Generally considered auspicious, but some interpretations consider it to be inauspicious.



Q: Dreaming of a pig charges towards.
A: It indicates the onset of illness.

Q: Dreaming of a pig is running away.
A: It suggests that difficulties may arise.

Q: Dreaming of a pig transforms into a human.
A: It suggests that legal issues may arise.

Q: Dreaming of a pig is moving around.
A: It is a sign of good luck.



Q: Dreaming of chasing a pig.
A: Indicates that one’s efforts may be in vain.

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