Pine Trees

Pine Tree

Dream meaning of Pine Trees

Q: Dreaming of pine trees grow in the house.
A: There will be abundance in affairs.

Q: Dreaming of the sound of pine trees rustling in the wind.
A: Is auspicious, indicating good news.

Q: Dreaming of pine trees.
A: It is very auspicious. If a high-ranking official has this dream, it indicates a promotion; if a scholar has this dream, it indicates success in the imperial examinations; if a woman has this dream, it indicates the birth of a noble child, and if someone seeks profit, they will obtain it.

Q: Dreaming of smoke rising from the top of a pine tree.
A: It is auspicious and indicates that one will enjoy peace and happiness alone.



Q: Dreaming of a pine tree growing on their belly.
A: it indicates that they will achieve great wealth and nobility.

Q: Dreaming of pine tree grows in front of the door.
A: It indicates that the dreamer will die soon.

Q: Dreaming of pine tree grows on the roof.
A: It indicates that the dreamer will attain the position of the three highest-ranking officials(三公 known as the highest ranking in ancient China).

Q: Dreaming of picking and eating pine nuts.
A: Is auspicious, this dream signifies that the dreamer will enjoy a long and prosperous life, and the family will be wealthy and well-respected. Any disasters or illnesses will be resolved, and the dreamer’s children and grandchildren will be successful and renowned. For those in government service, this dream portends rising to the rank of a high official, while those pursuing spiritual cultivation will attain longevity. If a pregnant woman has this dream, it foretells that her child will be talented and brilliant.

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