Dream meaning of Servant

Q: Dreaming of dismissing your servant.
A: Worries will be faded.

Q: Dreaming of If you hire a servant.
A: Approaching of misfortune.

Q: Dreaming of a person being whipped as a servant.
A: Implies bad luck for that person. “Suffer are unavoidable even for being dead/ghost, will face punishment and imprisoned as a lively person”(不做冥中鬼卒,当为阳世囚夫).

Q: Dreaming of buying a person as servant.
A: Lost of money but obtain of the person, implies both good and bad outcomes. If the servant is not the right person, the master’s family will suffer probably death; if the right person as the servant is obtained, the family will prosper. If the master is poor, they will receive a blessing and prosperity and will received help when difficult times comes.

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