Dream meaning of Siblings

Q: Dreaming of siblings scattering.
A: Possible arguments or disputes.

Q: Dreaming of siblings fighting each other.
A: Possibility of reconciliation or unity.

Q: Dreaming of siblings hiking.
A: Represents auspicious events and happy occasions.

Q: Dreaming of siblings being sick.
A: Sign of worry or unrest among siblings.



Q: Dreaming of siblings asking for clothes.
A: Sign of switching cloths. The interpretation could be either good or bad.

Q: Dreaming of siblings entering into water.
A: Suggests unfavorable business prospects for the siblings, which could lead to a major disaster.

Q: Dreaming of a brother’s funeral.
A: Sign of success and promotion for both of you.

Q: Dreaming of riding in the same car/vehicle/transportation tools with your brother.
A: Sign that both of you are proceeding to success at the same time.



Q: Dreaming of your brother as a deity/goddess.
S: Sign that you will have great success and prosperity.

Q: Dreaming of your brother fighting with someone.
A: Sign of close cooperation between family members.

Q: Dreaming of your brother working together with something.
A: Sign of close cooperation between family members.

Q: Dreaming of brothers are separated.
A: Indicates there may be disputes and arguments.

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