Dream meaning of Skull

Q: Dreaming of a large and bright skull on top of your head.
A: Good omen, this dream is especially auspicious for scholars and people in high positions, but it is inauspicious for commoners and those who are sick. For the elderly, it indicates a good old fortune.

Q: Dreaming of the skull moving but the brain flowing like rain.
A: Good omen, it indicates that the dreamer will achieve great success and high position, and is a sign of good luck, like the “golden toad”.

Q: Dreaming of the recovery/closing of an open skull.
A: It indicates that all matters will go smoothly, and even the poor and lonely can be helped by working together.

Q: Dreaming of someone opening up the skull and stuff medicine on it.
A: Good omen, it indicates that all illnesses will be cured, and those who are anxious and worried will find happiness.



Q: Dreaming of a broken skull and the brain is flowing out.
A: Inauspicious. It indicates that the ancestral fortune will be lost, and is a sign of bad luck. If someone dreams this while in a dispute with others, you should change their behavior by having a talk with them to avoid bad consequences.

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