Dream meaning of Swallow

Q: Dreaming of white swallow entering your embrace.
A: Very auspicious. The swallow, also known as the dark bird, is considered unusual when it is white. If one dreams of a swallow in their embrace, it indicates that they will experience exceptional joy, and everything will go well for them. If a pregnant woman dreams of this, it signifies that she will have great wealth and prosperity, regardless of the methods she uses to achieve it.

Q: Dreaming of seeing a swallow.
A: Very auspicious.

Q: Dreaming of swallow’s nest in a forest.
A: Bad omen. When a swallow builds its nest next to a person’s house, under the eaves or in front of the hall. When swallow builds it’s nest in the forest, it is a bad omen. Dreaming of a nest in the forest indicates the possibility of calamities such as war, fire, damage to one’s home, or financial ruin. If this dream occurs after the spring equinox, it is a very bad omen, but if it happens after the autumn equinox, it is still considered somewhat auspicious.

Q: Dreaming of swallow in flies.
A: Sign of joy and happiness. If a pregnant woman dreams of this, it signifies that she will give birth to a virtuous child. For travelers, it means they will return home safely. For those who are in trouble, it means they will obtain wealth. For the sick, it means they will recover from their illness.



Q: Dreaming of swallow flying into mouth.
A: Very auspicious.

Q: Dreaming of swallows dancing within the roof.
A: Auspicious sign. Obtaining this dream indicates joy and happiness in a gathering of swallows. Long drought is ended by a sweet rain, meeting a familiar person in a foreign land; a wedding night with flowers and candles, and the moment of reputed on scholar achievement. Travelers dream of this and will return home, recovery on patient, pregnancy for women who will then give birth to a baby boy, and those in difficulties you are entrapped in, will end up being profitable.

Q: Dreaming of swallows flying into the snow.
A: Indicates that a pregnant woman will give birth to a noble child. If the parents are sick, it is not advisable to have this dream.

Q: Dreaming of swallows coming.
A: A distant guest is coming.

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