Dream meaning of Sweating

Q: Dreaming of sweating flowing on the ground.
A: Bad omen, indicating loss of earth and soil. If there is a drought in the year, dreaming of this may mean there will be rain.

Q: Dreaming of sweating like rain.
A: Good omen, indicating a lively market(市井热闹之象).

Q: Dreaming of sweating like pearls.
A: Bad omen, having this dream means things done may not be completed, troubles may not be resolved, may face lawsuits or punishment, and difficulties in recovering from illness.

Q: Dreaming of sweating and staining clothes.
A: Great omen, indicating the disappearance of a fever.



Q: Dreaming of sweating all over the body.
A: Great omen, indicating that there will be no disasters, and that illnesses will be cured.

Q: Dreaming of sweat on your body.
A: It indicates a bad omen.

Q: Dreaming of dry sweat is a great omen.
A: Indicating that one will be dressed in gorgeous clothes.

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