Dream meaning of Teeth

Dreaming of teeth usually indicates that you will face difficulties and need to work hard to overcome them.


Q: Dreaming of tooth extraction.
A: Suggests a change in residence.

Q: Dreaming of losing teeth.
A: Disputes or conflicts, or signifies great concerns about official matters.

Q: Dreaming of regrowing teeth.
A: The prosperity of your descendants.

Q: Dreaming of teeth fall out on their own.
A: Indicates misfortune for your parents.


Q: Dreaming of growth of teeth.
A: Good omen, symbolizing a high position, longevity, and a prosperous lineage.

Q: Dreaming of teeth as large as elephant tusks.
A: That you will gain a brave general, or be a wise minister.

Q: Dreaming of teeth falling out with blood.
A: Financial loss, family disasters, and an incurable illness for the mother.

Q: Dreaming of teeth falling out and then regrowing.
A: Great omen, representing happiness and prosperity in later years.



Q: Dreaming of teeth falling out without blood.
A: Bad omen, suggesting the death of parents, loss of spouse, and the demise of children, among other troubles. Disasters are imminent, and wealth cannot save you.

Q: Dreaming of someone pulling out your teeth.
A: Terrible omen. The teeth on the upper lip represent parents, with the left side symbolizing the father and the right side symbolizing the mother. The teeth on the lower lip represent males on the left and females on the right.

Q: Dreaming of someone pulling them out.
A: Implies harm to close relatives.

Q: Dreaming of teeth being exposed externally.
A: Signifies a sign of legal disputes. In matters of relocation, transactions, and business operations, patience must be maintained to avoid disasters. If disputes arise, it suggests that neighbors will not come to your aid and will merely watch without intervening.


Q: Dreaming of teeth shaking.
A: Implies unrest, concerns for parents, danger for descendants, and the dispersal of property. Relocation is more likely to bring misfortune than fortune.

Q: Dreaming of teeth increasing in number.
A: Indicates an increase in lifespan.

Q: Dreaming of losing front teeth.
A: Has different meanings depending on the position: losing an upper front tooth on the left side signifies the loss of a father, and on the right side, the loss of a mother; losing a lower front tooth on the left side means the death of siblings, and on the right side, the death of a younger brother. The same goes for sisters.

Q: Dreaming of replacing teeth.
A: Symbolizes descendants inheriting the property of others.


Q: Dreaming of white teeth.
A: Signifies wealth and nobility.

Q: Dreaming of exposed teeth.
A: Suggests numerous disputes.

Q: Dreaming of exposed teeth while smiling.
A: Signifies disputes and conflicts.

Q: Dreaming of teeth.
A: Represents worries about warfare.


Q: Dreaming of teeth fell and lost.
A: Implies wealth and nobility for your child.

Q: Dreaming of someone giving you teeth to put in your mouth.
A: Good omen. For the sick, it means meeting a good doctor; for those who committed crimes, it means receiving amnesty; for travelers, it means encountering a stranger; for a bachelor, it signifies acquiring a virtuous heir.

Q: Dreaming of brush and clean your teeth.
A: Good omen, suggesting delicious food and the birth of a beautiful child.

Q: Dreaming of washing your teeth.
A: Good sign, indicating the elimination of disputes, the resolution of conflicts, and protection from harm and disasters.


Q: Dreaming of yellow teeth.
A: Signifies complicated matters.

Q: Dreaming of teeth falling out and bleeding.
A: Bad omen, indicating financial loss and disasters for relatives. If the mother is ill, there is no cure.

Q: Dreaming of teeth falling out without blood.
A: Implies the death of parents, the loss of a spouse, the demise of children, and the arrival of disaster without any wealth to save you. Worries and troubles are imminent.

Q: Dreaming of counting your own teeth.
A: Signified getting humiliation.



Q: Dreaming of counting someone else’s teeth.
A: A sign of good fortune.


In summary, dreams involving teeth can have various interpretations, often reflecting concerns about family, social status, conflicts, or personal wellbeing. It is important to consider the specific context of the dream and any current life situations to better understand the message it may be conveying.

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